General maintenance

Here we will show you general maintenance of your STRØM City Bike, gear cleaning, adjustments, and general optimization for high performance.

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Step by step

1 – Tighten all bolts and screws

This includes all visible screws and bolts on the outside of the bike, as these can come loose with usage

2 – Clean and lubricate the bike

This ensures that your STRØM eBike will stay clean and prevent the formation of rust – This step is especially important in the winter period, and even more so if the government spreads out salt to prevent icy roads.

3 – Adjust the gears

The gears should always ride smoothly in every gear. To make sure this is the case, it is important to adjust and lubricate the gears from time to time.

4- Adjust the brakes

The brake pad will by time get worn out and maybe your brakes aren’t perfectly aligned therefore you should make sure that you have enough braking compound on the pads and that they don’t scratch while driving.