Hydraulic Disc Brake Adjustment

On this page, you will learn how to adjust your Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, on your STRØM City E-bike

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Step by step

1 – Diagnosis

Check that the disc/rotor is perfectly straight, and not bent as this will make the alignment procedure very hard or impossible. If the rotor is bent, a replacement disc will be the best option, as these are very hard to straighten and since they’re very cheap, you’re better off buying a new one.

Make sure that all the bolts holding the disc in place is tightened, as these can come loose with time. This will cause rotor paly which makes it difficult to align as well.

2.1 – Alignment procedure

Loosen both mounting bolts until the caliper body is able to freely move from side to side. Note that on some bikes the mounting bolts are under the chain stay or on a bracket.

2.2 – Alignment procedure

Squeeze the brake lever. This centers the caliper body over the rotor. While holding the brake, tighten the brake mounting bolts. When the bolts are tight, release the brake and spin the wheel around and listen for rubbing noises. If there are no noises, the brake pads are aligned. If the sound is still present then continue to step 3 for advanced alignment.

3 – Advanced alignment

Spin the wheel again. While the wheel is spinning, loosen one bolt and adjust by pushing the caliper in the direction of the rub until there is a gap on either side of the rotor. Take extra caution with your fingers and tools while working near a spinning wheel. If you cannot find an adequate alignment, try the same procedure on the other bolt. Once the pads are not rubbing, fully secure each mounting bolt, typically 6–8 Nm and the process is complete.